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Medical Coding

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Medical Coding
Made Easy For You

We bring one of the best medical coding services in the town. Our company have specialist medical coders who have been in this field for more than a decade, and we know how to handle every kind of code efficiently. Either you are looking to get ICD or the CPD coding, we can assist you in all of them. MB Claims Solution take charge of all the matters related to medical coding and let you focus on taking care of people’s health. At MB Claims, we offer various services that will ease out your administration burden.

Our Services

Searching for a reliable medical coding service provider? We can surely help you out. Have a look at some of our quality services, and get privilege of working with a professional company. We value our clients more than anything, which separates us from our competitors.

ICD Coding

We have specialist coders related to International Classification Diseases (ICD), who helps you with all the coding related to patient’s paperwork. Our experts analyze all the information, including hospital records, medical charts, visit summaries and bills to make sure each data is coded perfectly.

While examining the account receivable billing process, we’re not only looking for “low hanging fruit.” Many AR collection firms only focus on big dollar medical claims billing in elderly AR, but we realise how quickly the lesser sums can rack up for our customers, therefore we look at every claim that might still be paid..


CPD Coding

Our medical coding services are accredited with CPD, which ensures that we have certified professionals who handle all the codes. We follow all the requisites of CPD coding to make sure that the final outcome is perfect for you. 

HCPCS Coding

We are HCPCS coding professionals specializing in all the terminologies involved in this particular set of coding. The coding is directly done for long-term patients and can be helpful to track records of the patients who has been involved with a hospital for a longer period.



Code Analytics & Tracking

We keep records of every tracked code to ensure everything is on place and working perfectly fine. Our code analytics and tracking help us handle data of hundreds of patients all at the same time without any issues. Code analytics and tracking ensures transparency in the process and reduces any miscommunication between us and the clients.

Denial Management

If we face any denial from insurance companies or the Government, we look in to the matter in detail and make sure everything is in place. After correcting all the mistakes, we apply for the payment approval again to get it done for you. We are one of the best when it comes to denial management, and we know how to get every denied application approved.


Advanced Reporting

Our company uses some of the most advanced technologies and software to ensure everything is correct and perfect. Advanced reporting and analytics assist us in keeping records of hundreds and thousands of patients all at the same time. Our strong technological background helps us in maintaining data efficiently.

Let The Best Handle Your Medical Coding & Ease Your Struggle

MB Claims  is surely one of the best when it comes to medical coding and billing. During years of experience in this field, we have built a satisfied clientele worldwide and we know the exact strategy of ultimately satisfying you.

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Value Cycle Automation

Coding automation is one of the things that separates us apart from hundreds of other medical billing company. We have portals for patients and health care professionals, which lets the doctors keep record of every patient that have pending payments.

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Complete Analytics & Data Tracking

Data tracking is important for handling huge amount of data. We have tens of health care professionals and we ensure accuracy by maintaining data and analytics of each patient.

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Diversified Services

MB Claims has one of the most diversified set of services than many others. From medical coding to handling denial management. We assist our clients in all the matters.

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Virtual Awareness Sessions

Our company conducts sessions and trainings to aware people about our working methodology. Our expert medical coders let you understand how you can benefit from our services in a perfect way.

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Cost Effective

We bring you some of the most cost-effective services at the most affordable pricing. We are a one-stop-place to fulfill all of your medical coding needs at cheap rates without any compromise on quality.

Importance of Medical Coding

Medical coding is essential to analyze the remaining amount of payment that is to be made to the health care professionals. Getting the payments cleared from insurance companies can be a time-consuming task but that’s not the case when you get it done by a professional.

Reduces Your Struggle

Medical coding can reduce your struggle of getting payments from insured patients. You can hire a medical coding company and can handover all the payment clearing task to them.

Provides Value

Despite clearing the payments from the companies, they provide a lot of value to the health care professionals. From data tracking to analytics, all the other things are included in their packages.

Improving Resources

When you work with a medical coding company, you get yourself an improved experience. They provide you portals and monthly and annual records, which helps you a lot.

Our Process

Streamlined and a simple process is the service mark of our company. We work hard to reduce the hardships of healthcare professionals, and we make it simple for them.

The initial step is to analyze the code of the patient, which is important to get the exact amount of payment that is pending and needs to be cleared.

After we analyze the code and get it converted into the form of a bill, we approach the companies to get the payments cleared.

The next step is to clear the payments and provide it to the health care professionals.

Ready To Get Started? Contact us, and we will let you know how we can help.