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Hospital RCM

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Up-to-Snuff Hospital
RCM Services

Medical billing is a difficult and demanding procedure. Regulatory advancements, coding regulations, reimbursement rules and standards are just some of the topics that our revenue cycle experts are well-versed in.

Our Services

With MB Claims, you may expect faster payments, more income, and improved financial stability. All of your receivable’s tasks are taken care of.

A/R Management Services  

Hospitals and health systems that wish to increase operational efficiency and financial performance should focus on accounts receivable management. We strive to enhance each part of their services with our quality AR management.


Claim Submission

For hospitals who wish to enhance their clean claims rate, better handle rejected claims, and have professional support in processing appeals, outsource denials and appeals management services.

Patient Responsibility Management

Hospitals and health systems that seek to enhance patient collections and minimize billing collection cycles might use self-pay patient collection services.


Third Party Coverage

Services for hospitals and health systems that wish to maximize compensation for all medical claims resulting from third-party responsibility incidents.

Underpayment Audit Recovery  

Underpayment recovery services for hospitals looking to improve claim management and promptly resolve healthcare underpayments.


Patient Registration

In order to detect and collect money under CMS’s Post-Acute Care Transfer (PACT) regulation, a reimbursement management system for healthcare providers is needed and we provide that without any additional cost.

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“The Best” Hospital RCM Service

In order to make a difference in the lives of others, physicians enlist in the medical field. You can count on us to help your practice succeed financially by working as revenue cycle partners and offer the best revenue cycle management services available. Let MB Claims show you how outsourcing your RCM chores may make a difference by contacting us now.

Improved Revenue Performance

If you don’t have enough money coming in to cover your outgoing expenses, you won’t be in business long. Even for hospital-based physicians, revenue cycle management (RCM) plays an essential part in this because of the difficulties in billing and revenue collection. Anesthesiology, radiography, emergency medicine, and hospital medicine are all service lines that may benefit from the correct RCM solution.

Greater Visibility

An important factor in the efficiency of RCM is its ability to be seen. Your team can uncover issues and inefficiencies in the revenue cycle by expanding the visibility of the revenue cycle and analyzing data.

Demonstrable Value

For every organization, it is necessary for stakeholders to see proof of the company’s strength and success. Investors, donors, trustees, and other strategic partners are examples of this group. Data from high-quality RCM may help you prove your worth. As a result, it is simpler to match the interests of your healthcare business with those of others in order to achieve success for both parties.

What is RCM?

On the administrative side, RCM and related services are offered effectively manage the revenue cycle of healthcare businesses and hospitals. RCM services include Patient/Resource Scheduling, Enterprise Registration, in-stream Payer Eligibility Checking, Contract Management, Medical Records, Billing, Claims, Payer and Self-pay Collections, POS Payment Posting and Bad Debt which enable all types of healthcare entities to truly transform their revenue cycles.

Importance of RCM

Medical Record Abstraction

For an interaction to be classified as abstracted, it must have sufficient evidence in the medical record. Accurate claims submissions and reimbursements can only be achieved if accurate diagnostic and treatment codes are assigned and validated.

Patient Accounting

As a result of this unique engineering, Patient Accounting delivers a sophisticated, complete universal (inpatient and outpatient) billing solution that incorporates contract administration, interim-episodic billing as well as integrated claims settlement, rejections tracking, and more.

Payer & Self-Pay Collections

An on-line tickler file system, user-defined follow-up actions, electronic statement processing, patient payment portal, online audit trail, and auto secondary payer billing are just a few of the features of the Payer and Self Pay Collections module.

Our Process

It takes a lot of effort to run an outpatient clinic or an ambulatory practice. It might be difficult to keep up with invoicing and ensure that your firm is financially stable. This RCM system makes it simple to charge more, collect quicker, and avoid the headache of rejections.

MB Claim’s RCM performs up to 20% better than others in the industry norm in terms of average days outstanding in accounts receivable. ​

Claims may be submitted in 5-7 days less time to avoid cancellation. We increase your billing and collection efforts.

Over 98 percent of claims filed are successfully resolved on the first submission, according to the company.

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