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AR Recovery

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AR Recovery (Account
Receivable Recovery Services)

Recover All Your Payments With Our AR Services
AR healthcare receivables solutions and management services are offered by MB Claims, which recovers unpaid income from accounts that have been open for more than 120 days. Using our method, we’ve been able to recover more money from accounts that were previously deemed to be unsalvageable.
It is unusual for a medical billing collection agency to provide accounts receivable recovery services as a stand-alone service, since most do as part of a revenue cycle management package. Our AR management solutions are tailored to the specific demands of your organization, and is not a one-size-fits-all strategy.


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Our Services

Our technique for handling the accounts receivable process has been refined through many years of practice. We have developed a simplified strategy that is both quick and effective in its execution.

Systematic Evaluation

A comprehensive evaluation of all unsettled claims and a thorough AR analysis are the first steps taken by our accounts receivable managers when they accept a new customer. Although some may have expired or become uncollectable, we discover every one that may be salvaged and go to work on them.

While examining the account receivable billing process, we’re not only looking for “low hanging fruit.” Many AR collection firms only focus on big dollar medical claims billing in elderly AR, but we realise how quickly the lesser sums can rack up for our customers, therefore we look at every claim that might still be paid..



A high emphasis is given to analysing and following up on outstanding claims, so that we can process them before they expire. To be eligible for reimbursement, claims must be filed, processed, and submitted on time. By using sophisticated analytical techniques, we’re able to keep up with the ever-changing needs of individual payers and ensure that you get the most money possible. Your bottom line will improve as a result of our constant efforts to collect outstanding payments from your customers. With our accounts receivable management services, you can concentrate on your practise while we take care of the backlog.


Claim Correction

It’s our job to make sure that no claim is rejected, refused, or underpaid by our specialised task force. Even if you already had claims denied or rejected, we have the means to keep track of them. Thus, they are able to pinpoint the root causes of problems in your revenue cycle management system and remove them for good. We follow the right steps to appeal claims recovery after making necessary adjustments or clarifications, so that the insurance or government payers rethink the payment. Your practice’s financial stability will improve dramatically as a result of this strategic strategy. To ensure timely payment, healthcare providers need to optimize their accounts receivable management processes.


AR Recovery

Recovering those difficult claims that have gone uncollected is our specialty, and it’s what we’re here to help you do. Our service has helped healthcare providers recover millions of dollars in income over the years thanks to a technologically sophisticated platform that combines comprehensive analytics, over 40 algorithms, and automated processes.


Handling Denials

Both patients and doctors worry excessively when medical claims are rejected for different reasons. An experienced medical billing and coding business, Outsource Strategies International (OSI), can help decrease insurance payment rejections by providing quick and accurate medical recovery services. In order to optimize reimbursement and enhance revenue management, we assist medical practises in recovering outstanding claims. As a result of our services, you’ll have more time and resources to devote to your primary responsibilities and patient care.


Medical Billing & Coding

We at MB Claims pride ourselves on providing high-quality medical coding and billing services at competitive rates. As long as we make a difference for you, we’ll keep our money. Our medical billing services are geared on maximizing your bottom line. You can concentrate on providing exceptional patient care while we handle your medical bills, medical coding, and accounts receivables.


Why Choose Us?

Every year, a significant amount of money is lost owing to the improper management of outstanding claims. When other companies write off claims as “uncollectible,” we have a specialized recovery billing staff on our side. You know that if a bill remains unpaid for an extended period of time, the likelihood of it being paid decreases, but rather than giving up on old AR recovery and bills, you should strive to get them paid. As soon as we learn of an unpaid claim, our AR recovery services team takes prompt action to identify and investigate the matter. It is rare that an AR medical billing firm would take on solutions for recovering old receivables, or they will only do so at an exorbitant charge. Old AR Recoveries and low-value claims are profitable for us since our method speeds the process. Our AR recovery solution has a number of these capabilities.

All Claims Approved MB Claims, unlike many other billing agencies, does not shy away from pursuing minor claims and those that have a little chance of getting paid. We are able to pursue compensation for every claim because of our system’s efficiency.Successful Reimbursement Collection No matter how much time and effort we go towards resolving all of your outstanding claims, you will not lose money on old AR. We simply take a tiny part of the money we get back for our services. As a result, you have no financial responsibility for any claims we are unable to settle.Over 99% Collection Ratios It has been our experience that over 90% of claims dating back a year may be recovered by our accounts receivable recovery services staff. It’s easy to see how that type of cash may have a significant impact on the financial health of any medical practise.

What Is AR?

A healthcare organization’s accounts receivable follow-up team is responsible for revisiting claims that have been refused in order to maximise insurance company reimbursements. The days of in-house medical billing and revenue cycle management are over. In today’s world, A/R follow-ups need skilled billing personnel.

Importance of AR Services

AR recovery management is a serious problem for most medical billing organizations. So, why is it so crucial? A few well-known ones are as follows:

Financial Stability of Hospital

Maintaining a solid cash flow is critical to the long-term viability of any healthcare service provider. There must be a consistent flow of money coming in to pay the costs of patient care, and the AR department is responsible for making sure that happens.

Recovers Old Claims

Overdue payments may be recovered without any fuss thanks to A/R follow-up services. It is simpler for healthcare providers to be paid on time when there is a staff that is always active in the claims follow-up process.

Minimizes Time

AR management’s major goal is to reduce the period of time accounts are allowed to lapse. An account tracking team determines what action is needed to ensure payment and performs the necessary processes to do so.

Our Process

The AR recovery is typically performed in three steps by the majority of medical billing specialists:

Gathering Data

When reviewing the AR ageing report, this phase includes the identification and evaluation of the claims stated. After reviewing the policy, the team determines which claims need to be cancelled.

Making Recoveries

In this phase, claims that have been deemed uncollectible or for claims that were not paid at the agreed rate by the healthcare provider are identified.


A new set of claims is submitted when all relevant billing information, such as the claims processing address and compliance with other medical billing standards, have been verified. A patient bill is prepared according to the client’s standards once the payment information for pending claims have been entered into the system.