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Analytics & Recordings Editable

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Let Expert Analyse & Record Your Information

We use leading medical billing software to provide cutting-edge Analytics & Recordings solutions to meet a wide range of demands. It is possible to operate a medical office efficiently and effectively with our medical analytics and recovery services.


Our Services

In your medical records, you’ll find the evidence you need to establish a strong defense. Your defense or settlement plan will be aided by our medical legal analysts’ ability to swiftly uncover the facts and put them into impartial and useful reports.

Medical Records Review

There are a variety of reasons why a medical record review might be beneficial to healthcare practitioners. It is possible to get an objective assessment of the data from a third-party expert. Reporting can assist health care service providers in defending their judgments, identifying any failures, and determining potential liability exposures they may be exposed to.

Document Management

Linking and source management of medical records in an organized way. Take advantage of summaries made by experts. Customized services might save you 30 to 50 percent in costs.

IT Support

In ambulatory medical practices, there are unique IT, technology, and data security needs that must be met. It’s essential to work with a medical billing service that specializes in IT, which will help you manage everything from laboratories, devices, and medical equipment to medical records data retention rules.

Maintaining Confidentiality

While handling all the data and analyzing them, we make sure that all the data of your business and patients remain confidential. We sign an NDA before starting work on your data, which ensures our competency and guarantees our professionalism.

Medical Imaging Analysis

MB Claims helps radiologists get through their caseloads quicker using different techniques. To better examine imaging and clinical data, we utilize deep learning algorithms to provide extremely accurate anomaly detection.

Medical Record Review Services

A medical record review may be beneficial to healthcare practitioners for a variety of reasons. Furthermore, an expert third party may give an objective assessment of the data. Reporting can assist providers in defending their judgments, identifying potential gaps, and identifying areas of responsibility.

Top-Notch Medical Analysis & Recording Services

Take a step back and take a look at the larger picture. Medical billing software reporting solutions at MB Claims lets you make data-driven strategic choices that enhance your practice’s performance and increase its growth.

Improved Accuracy 

Providers and payers must be unified on a trustworthy and verifiable set of insights that go beyond transactional data in order for value-based care and value-based payments to operate together.



Value-Based Care

Some of the most common negative results from siloed data are medical mistakes and bad pharmacological responses to re-entry of the same information over and over again. Interoperability standards are reducing the reasons for “walled gardens” demanded by CMS and OHT. Although data sharing is essential to providing value-based care and payments, analysis and decision making are just as important once the data has been shared.


Competitive Pricing

For example, if you’re an ER, you need the capacity to reliably acquire the relevant information in real-time in order to reduce unnecessary costs, enhance treatment outcomes, and coordinate with all parties involved.


What is Analytics & Recordings For Medical Billings?

Real-time insights are critical for healthcare businesses. As a result, MB Claims empowers healthcare data analysts with self-service data integration and analysis, without influencing current systems, and reducing the strain on IT, without affecting the existing systems of record.

Importance of Analytics & Recordings

Medical complication cases need specialized training. Expertise is given by doctors and/or legal nurse consultants who study, analyze, and summaries the key information included in medical records chronologically at the MCS facility. On a per-hour basis, related costs are invoiced and may be reimbursed.

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Gain Revenue Cycle

In order to reduce claim rejections and denials and ensure predictable revenue over a longer period of time through opportunities for shared risk and improved satisfaction rates between payers, providers and patients, it is essential to gain insights into revenue cycle patterns in order to better plan and forecast.

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Risk Reduction

There is a high risk of medical billing mistakes and waste due to the complexity of medical procedures and the range of products and services. This does not mean that only purposeful fraud can be tackled by analytics; it may also address inadvertent mistakes as well as aberrant trends and outliers.

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Builds A 360 Patient Record

To successfully compete, payers and managed care organizations must respond on specific member information in real time. Medical pricing transparency, data interoperability, and the impending need to manage an individual's permission to the sharing of their personal health data all make "member-360" programs a pressing need.

Our Process

We have kept the process as simple as possible to benefit larger number of healthcare professionals. Our professionals are intended to build a long-term client relationship by fulfilling all their requirements.

We begin the process by analyzing the data in the most significant way. Our analyzation process covers all the data that is present in the books to make sure nothing is left out before we begin with the process of recording & analyzing.

After complete analyzation of data, we begin with the process of keeping the records. We utilize different software to ensure transparency in the process.

Finalization is done after completing all the revisions and analysis. After finalization of analysis and reviewing, we never hesitate to consider different aspects to provide more value.

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